Current Beers


Casita5.7%16 ozOur classic Mexican-style lager
Twine Climber IPA6.7%16 ozThe flagship IPA everyone loves. Always fresh.
Honest to Who?5.9%16 ozHazy IPA collab with BaleBreaker
WeedWolf: Panopticon8.3%10 ozDouble IPA with Grapefruit & Lactose
Pillaged Ground6.7%16 ozSkookum Maibock lagered in oak barrels
Goldwave7.7%10 ozCabernet barrel aged wild ale with Raspberries, Blackberries & Mango
Riverside5.9%16 ozCollaboration farmhouse summer ale with Dwinell
Crystal Ship5.5%10 ozHoly Mountain fouder aged tart saison
Head Full of Dynamite v116.8%16 ozFremont's hazy IPA series, version 11
Goatsong7.1%16 ozMaibock lager collaboration with Three Weavers
Lemongrass Cider6.5%16 ozIncline Cider's Lemongrass citrus cider
Darkvision5.3%16 ozDark Lager. Spicy & earthy with a clean finish
Pompatus of Love10.00%10 ozBarrel aged blend of imperial stouts with Bron Yr Aur
Black House5.8%16 ozModern Times coffee infused black ale
Grapefruit Seltzer0.0%16 ozOur filtered brew water infused with grapefruit zest & carbonated!