Current Beers


Casita5.70%16 ozOur classic Mexican-style lager
Twine Climber6.70%16 ozThe flagship IPA we're always brewing fresh.
Sunflight5.10%16 ozCitrus wheat ale
New Ink7.20%16 ozThis juicy Hazy IPA is a tropical and citrus marvel
It Gosé Without Saying4.90%16 ozDon't miss out on this Apricot Gosé from our friends at Moonshot
WeedWolf: Moon Druid8.50%10 ozWest Coast Juicy Double IPA - Idaho Gem, Comet & Simcoe
Coral Motel5.90%16 ozSemi-Annual Hazy Pale - Comet & Loral
Party Favor6.90%16 ozA big juicy WC hybrid IPA brewed to celebrate our friends at PHY
Boldilocks Coffee Blonde5.00%16 ozSingle Hill guest blonde coffee
Dormancy6.80%16 ozA bold coffee breakfast stout with flavorsnof freshly-brewed espresso and rich chocolate from up the valley at Balebreaker.
La Brujera Coffee Mild3.80%16 ozOur English dark mild ale infused with Basalt Roasters Coffee
Pompatus of Love11.00%10 ozImperial Barrel Aged Stout made with love and with our pals at Bron Yr Aur.
Sovereign of Nockmaar13.80%10 ozWhiskey Barrel Aged Barley Wine
Hopped Cider6.00%16 ozA refreshingly hopped apple cider from Bad Granny
Cold Pressed Apple Cider6.00%16 ozCrisp apple with a touch of sweetness, get it before it is gone