Opening date! – April 28th, 2018

We’re opening on April 28th!

While we wait for the brewhouse and cellar equipment, we’ve been producing larger batches of our beers at our neighboring breweries so we can open the taproom and introduce our beer to the area. Join us from noon until 9 pm on Saturday, April 28th to see what we have been working on!


Building updates

We’ve been quiet here and that’s mostly because we’re all busy as things are nearing completion. We’re about a month out from Chevernell wrapping up the building renovation at 416 E. Edison Ave in Sunnyside. The brewery production space is almost finished and our equipment will start arriving next month. We’re still working on signage for the building, which probably won’t go up until after the building is ready and our equipment is in place.

Don’t forget to visit Yakima Sports Center on February 8th to experience a Central Washington leg of the Washington Hop Mob Triple-IPA Road Show! The collaboration 3IPA that we brewed with Don & Issac at Naked City in Seattle should be available along with other 3IPAs from Bale Breaker, Wandering Hop and several other great breweries. We’ll have more information before the end of the month. Cheers!

Brewery space nearing completion!
Brewery siding in progress on the east side of the building and rollup door installed.

Taking Shape

The VBC taproom on 11-22-17
The brewery as of 11-22-17

The building is really taking shape now that the roof is sealed and and floors are poured. The contractor framed up the bathrooms and lab as well. Everything is looking awesome and most of the hiccups have been easy to resolve. We will have more updates soon!

Staring Contest with Dwinell Country Ales

Now on tap at Dwinell Country Ales in Goldendale, WA and at Yakima Sport Center, this collaboration IPA is brewed with the holy trinity of Citra, Mosaic and Simcoe CryoHops from YCH Hops. A few additional kegs will find their way to The Beer Shoppe in Yakima and other fine establishments in Central Washington.


Fresh Hop Aftermath

Yakima Fresh Hop Ale Fest 2017

Oh man, we love Fresh Hop Ale Fest but we can finally relax now that it’s over for this year. The turnout was amazing, and if you had a chance to try any of our beers, we appreciate it! More than any previous year, there was an incredible selection of GOOD FRESH HOP BEER.

Our friends at Cloudburst and Bale Breaker were rewarded for their efforts with wins in the Pale and Imperial IPA categories, with both of those beers being densely hopped beasts.

With something like 54 breweries this year, we were humbled to make it into the final 12 breweries in judging. Along with Bale Breaker and Bron Yr Aur, it was impressive to see 3 local breweries side-by-side in the final round of judging. We hope to see more local breweries push the fresh hop envelope and earn recognition in the future!!

There’s not much Wet Bandits or Lucky Sucker left out there, and between all of the fans and a faulty pressure fitting, we are out of the Mosaic Fresh Hop IPA that Chris brewed. That was a really great beer so we may revisit the recipe for a non-fresh hop variation.

We ran out of time and people to set up merch sales for the festival, but we are working to get the web store up and running so you can order shirts and hats online until the taproom is open. We’ll give you a heads-up when that happens.



Lucky Sucker Fresh hop DIPA release at BaleBreaker!

Wednesday, September 27th we’re releasing Lucky Sucker, the fresh hop DIPA at BaleBreaker Brewing Company! BaleBreaker will also be releasing a couple of other awesome fresh hop collaboration beers along with Lucky Sucker, so it’ll be quite an interesting lineup. Cheers!

Petite Bèret Saison

Crafted tapped our Petite Bèret saison for dinner this evening. At 6.4% it’s surprisingly dry and smooth with a fruity, refreshing flavor and a surprisingly rich body.

This is the fresh version of the saison we are using as a base in some of the wine barrels, so if you’re curious what the clean beer tastes like, it’s a good chance to try it.

Bale Breaker Fresh Hop Collab

Chris pitches a bucket of hops into the kettle.


Last Friday Chris and Kevin collaborated on a new Fresh Hop IPA, named “Lucky Sucker” for fresh hop. They double batched the project on the 5BBL pilot brewery at Bale Breaker, producing about 8BBL of this Citra/Mosaic/HBC638 infused IPA. Lucky Sucker was brewed almost entirely with Washington grown and barley malt from Skagit Valley Malting.

Bale Breaker will be selling the kegs of this beer, almost entirely in the local area. We’re going to work with them to make sure some of our friends get these kegs from Yakima to the Tri-Cities. Cheers!

Concrete coming up!

Demolition on the floor of our future home has cranked up now that bidding has closed with the contractors. Winter will be here before we know it so they are prioritizing the areas that need to be done while the weather is good. It’s been a long time coming but we’re finally seeing the groundbreaking on this project!

While the weather is still hot, our WeedWolf: Jugo Supremo is being dropped off! The second WeedWolf DIPA series is a slick juice monster. It should be on draft at Sports Center in Yakima soon. We will let you know on Facebook when these kegs get tapped! Cheers!

Fresh Hop Descends!

We brewed our first Yakima Fresh Hop beer in our pilot brewery this week! Still unnamed, this beer is going to be a mix of Simcoe & Centennial hops. A classic throwback, but pumped to the tepals with flavor! This is the first of a few fresh hop beers, so we will keep updating as we brew. Cheers!