Fresh Hop Aftermath

Yakima Fresh Hop Ale Fest 2017

Oh man, we love Fresh Hop Ale Fest but we can finally relax now that it’s over for this year. The turnout was amazing, and if you had a chance to try any of our beers, we appreciate it! More than any previous year, there was an incredible selection of GOOD FRESH HOP BEER.

Our friends at Cloudburst and Bale Breaker were rewarded for their efforts with wins in the Pale and Imperial IPA categories, with both of those beers being densely hopped beasts.

With something like 54 breweries this year, we were humbled to make it into the final 12 breweries in judging. Along with Bale Breaker and Bron Yr Aur, it was impressive to see 3 local breweries side-by-side in the final round of judging. We hope to see more local breweries push the fresh hop envelope and earn recognition in the future!!

There’s not much Wet Bandits or Lucky Sucker left out there, and between all of the fans and a faulty pressure fitting, we are out of the Mosaic Fresh Hop IPA that Chris brewed. That was a really great beer so we may revisit the recipe for a non-fresh hop variation.

We ran out of time and people to set up merch sales for the festival, but we are working to get the web store up and running so you can order shirts and hats online until the taproom is open. We’ll give you a heads-up when that happens.