Current Beers


Casita5.7%16 ozOur classic Mexican-style lager
Twine Climber IPA6.7%16 ozThe flagship IPA everyone loves. Always fresh.
WetWolf: Comet5.5%16 ozA pale ale infused with fresh Newhouse Farms Comet hops!
Starbird5.6%16 ozThe 2019 version of our hazy pale. Citra, Ekuanot & Centennial hops
Despacito Pils5.3%16 ozUnfiltered American Pilsner
Frayed Knot5.7%16 ozTwine's brother from another mother
Coral Motel5.7%16 ozReturn of our Comet & Loral pale ale
Tetragram6.6%16 ozCollaboration IPA with YCH Advanced Hop Products
Outcrosser5.9%16 ozHopsteiner collab featuring Lotus & experimental hops
Passport6.70%16 ozSchilling Cider's passionfruit & pineapple infused hard cider
Grapefruit & Chill Cider6.00%16 ozSchilling's slightly tart and bitter grapefruit flavor with some sweet apples.
Czech This Trit Out5.70%16 ozWhistle Punk collab Czech Pilsner brewed with Triticale
Who HAAS 2 Thumbs & ❤️Beer?7.3%16 ozHAAS Innovation brewery collab with a lot of Citra
Darkvision5.3%16 ozRye Black Lager
Grapefruit Seltzer0.0%16 ozOur filtered brew water infused with grapefruit zest & carbonated!