Current Beers


Casita5.7%16 ozOur classic Mexican-style lager
Twine Climber IPA6.7%16 ozThe flagship IPA everyone loves. Always fresh.
Clash of the Cryo6.7%16 ozYCH CryoHops collab with Citra, Mosaic, Cashmere & Comet
WeedWolf: Panopticon8.3%10 ozDouble IPA with Grapefruit & Lactose
Brimley's Batter9.0%10 ozSkookum oatmeal stout with vanilla, cocoa & Peanut Butter
Goatsong7.1%16 ozMaibock lager collaboration with Three Weavers
Skiffy Too: Rock-n-Roll Lifestyle5.8%16 ozThe second version of our Deschutes collab hazy pale
Feather Fall5.7%16 ozFarmhouse wheat ale, fermented with Riesling juice
White Peach Cider6.90%16 ozIncline White Peach hard cider
Blackberry Pear Cider5.00%16 ozSpire Cider's Blackberry Pear hard cider
Black Rock5.80%16 ozOak lagered small Baltic porter
Darkvision5.3%16 ozDark Lager. Spicy & earthy with a clean finish
Black House5.8%16 ozModern Times coffee infused black ale
Grapefruit Seltzer0.0%16 ozOur filtered brew water infused with grapefruit zest & carbonated!