Current Beers


Casita5.7%16 ozOur classic Mexican-style lager
Twine Climber6.7%16 ozThe flagship IPA we're always brewing fresh.
16 oz
Chadra-Fanboy6.3%16 ozBe sure to check out our newest hazy!
La Brujera3.8%16 ozBasalt Coffee infused mild ale
Jogan Juice IPA7.2%16 ozMango, Guava & Pineapple infused hazy IPA
16 oz
Dark Guardian (2020)7%16 ozRye Baltic Porter
Veiled Flame Brown5.4%16 ozUnfiltered brown ale
Alter Self7.1%16 ozDouble Brown Porter
20,000 Roads Imperial Stout11.1%10 ozImperial Oatmeal Stout - No candy. No Cookies
Sovereign of Nockmaar13.8%10 ozWhiskey Barrel Aged Barley Wine
The Philosophy of Time Travel13.2%10 ozWhiskey Barrel Aged Imperial Stout
Cold Pressed Apple Cider6.90%16 ozThis Locust Cider is refreshing with a soft sweetness
Rainer Cherry6.70%16 ozTry refeshing semi-dry cider from Bad Granny