Varietal Beer Company was founded in 2016 by a group of people passionate about beer. Our common goal is to produce beers that provide you with unique experiences and flavors using the best that the Yakima Valley has to offer in hops, barrels and fruit.

Varietal Beer Co. Owners by Sofia Jaramillo

Chris Baum – Brewer & Owner

David Paulson – Beer Evangelist & Owner

Chad S. Roberts – Sales & Owner

Karl Vanevenhoven – Hop Czar & Owner

John Cope – Marketing & Owner


Q: Do you allow children?

A: Yes, supervised kids are always welcome in the taproom & beer garden!

Q: Do you allow dogs?

A: Dogs on leash are welcome in the taproom & beer garden. If you need a trash bag to clean up after your dog we’ve got them! Just let us know.

Q: Do you have food?

A: We sell some shelf-stable snacks like chips and nuts & outside food is always welcome if you want to bring it in. We also try to schedule food trucks in the beer garden for Friday & Saturday whenever schedules permit.

Q: Whats a Crowler?

A: A Crowler is a 32oz single-use can that we fill on-site for customers to take with them. They can be recycled and taken places you wouldn’t want to take a glass bottle or growler. We charge $10 for a single crowler or $25 for a 3-pack. We prefer the crowler because we know it’s clean, we can purge them with CO2 to keep the beer fresh longer, they do not allow light in “skunk” the beer & you get to take home more than one beer! 32oz is two pints of beer, perfect for you and a friend to share or just enjoy one yourself if you want to be selfish.

Q: How do you pronounce your name?

A: Varietal? /vəˈrīədl/ but if it helps, start by saying the word “Variety” and finish with “dal” instead of “tee“. Or just pronounce it however you want.

Q: Will you host my event at your taproom/beer garden?

A: Maybe. Contact us to find out if we’re a good fit for your event. We’re generally not open on holidays and we try to avoid private events on Fridays or Saturdays at this time. No-Host events are likely to work better than more complex events or dinners, but we can discuss it.

Q: Can your brewer perform a marriage ceremony?

A: Chris is able to perform legal marriage ceremonies, but you’ve got to be pretty cool and accept that he uses a Guide to the Birds of North America instead of a bible in his services.

Q: I thought you were making sour beer?

A: We are. They take a while, but we released our first wine barrel aged sour/wild ale early in 2019. It’s named Goldwave. We’re now prepped to release rotating sour bottles on a more regular schedule, but only when they are ready to go.

Q: Do you offer non-alcoholic drinks?

A: We do! We have house seltzer made with carbonated brewing water & grapefruit zest. It’s a refreshing treat without any sugar added.  We also have a selection of coconut water & sodas.

Q: Why are you in Sunnyside and not (insert town here)?

A: We spent a lot of time looking for the right spot for our brewery and in the end, we felt Sunnyside had a great spot, sense of community and the need for a spot like ours. The Port of Sunnyside reached out to us and offered to help make it happen, which let us focus on making the best experience for everyone rather than starting a bare-bones operation. The Yakima Valley is big and there are a lot communities here that could use a local brewery or public house in a format that will bring people together.

Q: Where can I get your beer when you aren’t open?

A: Well, besides taking home crowlers from our taproom, you can often find our beer on tap at HopTown Pizza in Donald, WA, and in Yakima we usually can be found at Public House of Yakima  &  Yakima Sports Center . In the Tri-Cities area, our beer is often available at Tri-Cities Tap & Barrel.

Q: How big is your operation?

A: We currently have a 10bbl (310 gallon) brewhouse for our production. We hope to expand our cellar in the future, but the 10bbl format works well for us.

Q: Where do you get your hops from?

A: We buy our hops from anyone who distributes or grows great hops. We try to purchase as many of our hops as possible from our local farms & hop processors. It’s important that we remain neutral in the hop industry.



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