The Different Beer.

Varietal Beer Co. is a microbrewery & taproom located in the lower Yakima valley. Our goal is to produce beers for all levels of enjoyment, with each new beer creating a unique experience.

Our taplist changes often, with guest taps and ciders often available for limited periods of time. If you enjoyed something and are interested in having it again, let us know.

Casita5.7%16 ozOur classic Mexican-style lager
Twine Climber IPA6.7%16 ozThe flagship IPA everyone loves. Always fresh.
Honest to Who?5.9%16 ozHazy IPA collab with BaleBreaker
WeedWolf: Panopticon8.3%10 ozDouble IPA with Grapefruit & Lactose
Pillaged Ground6.7%16 ozSkookum Maibock lagered in oak barrels
Goldwave7.7%10 ozCabernet barrel aged wild ale with Raspberries, Blackberries & Mango
Riverside5.9%16 ozCollaboration farmhouse summer ale with Dwinell
Crystal Ship5.5%10 ozHoly Mountain fouder aged tart saison
Head Full of Dynamite v116.8%16 ozFremont's hazy IPA series, version 11
Goatsong7.1%16 ozMaibock lager collaboration with Three Weavers
Lemongrass Cider6.5%16 ozIncline Cider's Lemongrass citrus cider
Darkvision5.3%16 ozDark Lager. Spicy & earthy with a clean finish
Pompatus of Love10.00%10 ozBarrel aged blend of imperial stouts with Bron Yr Aur
Black House5.8%16 ozModern Times coffee infused black ale
Grapefruit Seltzer0.0%16 ozOur filtered brew water infused with grapefruit zest & carbonated!